19 August, 2017

About Ibris

The Ibris Group of Companies is a leading provider of agricultural, industrial and energy commodities. Headquartered in Singapore, our operations are primarily concentrated in Indonesia, across multiple sectors.

Specializing in the origination and production of strategic commodities, we are involved in the production and extraction  of vegetable oil and sugar, bio-fuels refining and bio-energy power generation, minerals and metals mining, and oil and gas, amongst others.
PT Risjadson Investment & Holdings
The parent company of the Ibris Group of Companies, PT Risjadson is a long-standing privately-owned Indonesian investment and holding company established by Mr. Ibrahim Risjad and Sons. Under Mr. Risjad's leadership, PT Risjadson Investment and Holdings has the priviege of being associated with leading Indonesian and regional 'Blue Chip' assets.