19 August, 2017

Our Philosophy


IBRIS endeavors to contribute positively in the communities in which we share. We recognize our responsibilities and understand the impacts of our actions.


  • We actively promote and facilitate trade, finance, employment and community development. Activities that raise living standards, economic well-being, health and education.
  • We strictly abide by the laws and customs of every country and community in which we operate.
  • Environmental stewardship and resource management is critical to our ongoing success and that of the communities we share. We strive to minimize our environmental impacts and maximize sustainable practices.

Corporate Social Responsibility

IBRIS will maintain a safe, healthy and viable working environment and conduct all operations in a manner consistent with its SMS framework. Ibris will operate in compliance with all applicable national and international legislation and ensure that long-term economic viability does not compromise its Business and Ethics Policy.

IBRIS is committed to invest in the development, advancement of its employees and will, through training improve knowledge, skills, competency, in order to enhance performance, process and careers.

IBRIS conducts our operations in a transparent manner and complies with all relevant legislation in the countries in which we operate. We see these regulations as a minimum performance standard and therefore in addition will:

  • Communicate this policy to all employees, suppliers, contractors, shareholders and joint venture partners.
  • Encourage smallholders, suppliers and contractors to implement appropriate SMS.
  • Monitor and report on our corporate social responsibility and sustainability performance to our Board of Directors.