19 August, 2017

About Ibris

PT Risjadson Holding & Investment Co. (“Risjadson”) is a long standing privately owned Indonesian investment and holding company established by Mr. Ibrahim Risjad and his sons

The market value of Risjadson’s collective asset pool to date is estimated at more than USD 2 billion

  • Mining: The Groups investments include thermal coal, nickel, chromium, gold and bauxite. Most notably, the group was the major shareholder of Berau Coal, the 4th largest coal miner in Indonesia. Berau Coal was sold in early 2010 for US$ 1.5 billion
  • Industrial:  Risjad Brasali industries (now ARBE Industries), is the largest producer of CMC, PAC (water-soluble drilling chemicals), styrene resins in southeast Asia. The Groups other industrial investments include holdings in major petrochemicals up-stream industries, cement, OPP and BOPP plastic film, synthetic yarn, tiles, staple food and food products, and footwear
  • Plantation: Risjadson’s involvement in soft commodities dates back to 1970s when Mr. Ibrahim Risjad co-founded Salim Group. Plantation related investment activities started in the early 1990s . The Group’s plantation assets include CPO, rubber, tea, coffee, clove, sugar, and forestry
  • Energy: Risjadsons portfolio of assets in the energy sector includes investments in oil and gas, bioenergy and various power assets.  The Group recently acquired one of the largest biodiesel production facilities in the world located in Singapore
  • Property: The Group is a minority shareholder in many real estate investments, including  residential and  commercial property, as well as hotels in Singapore and in Indonesia