19 August, 2017

ibris agri

Sustainable Food & Energy

  • Ibris Agri Pte. Ltd. is an integrated and diversified plantations and bio-energy company headquartered in Singapore with substantial operations in Indonesia.
  • The Group has operating assets in palm, sugar, and forestry plantations, supporting domestic processing facilities and a bio-energy facility located in Singapore
  • Plantation assets in Indonesia totaling approximately 170,000 ha
  • Palm and sugar are demanded by the food industry and also underpinned by the bio-energy sector

Ibris Palm is ideally placed to benefit from strong global demand for vegetable oils. With 47,287 current planted hectares and an unplanted land bank of 22,000ha to drive growth, Ibris Palm’s current CPO output of 204,000MT/year is expected to increase to 255,000MT/year within the next 4 years.

Ibris Palm is committed to sustainable plantation practices, certification processes and active, positive involvement in the communities in which we operate. We believe that social and environmental responsibility go hand in hand with sustainable practices, where careful stewardship of natural resources can drive economic and social benefits whilst ensuring a light footprint on surrounding environments.
Strong domestic and international growth prospects for refined sugar led to Ibris Sugar recently acquiring a majority stake in PT Industri Gula Nusantara. With 12,600ha currently producing and a further 22,000ha available.

Produced refined sugar is expected to grow from its current 191,000 tons/year to 433,000/year within the next 5 years.

Global demand for sustainable, certified bio-fuels and bio-energy continue to increase. Through substantial refining capacity for bio-fuels and bio-mass power generation opportunities combined with Ibris Agri’s upstream production capacity, Ibris Bio is ideally placed to strongly contribute to meeting this domestic and international demand.

Ibris Bio-Fuels, a wholly owned subsidiary operates a 400,000MT/year refinery on Singapore’s Jurong Island energy hub. With the potential to increase capacity to 600,000MT/year, the facility delivers certified, high quality on-spec bio-diesel to global customers.
Jatropha represents a significant opportunity to increase Ibris Bio’s downstream bio-fuel and bio-energy output. This non-edible oil producing plant has excellent growth characteristics on land not ideally suited to food production. Ibris Jatro is currently acquiring a foundation land bank, circa 30,000ha.

Leveraging Ibris Agri’s extensive plantation husbandry experience, Ibris Jatro will endeavor to achieve high crude jatropha oil yields to add breadth and volume to Ibris Bio’s bio-fuel, energy and associated products.
Commercial forestry plantations represent significant opportunities for producing sustainable, environmentally responsible bio-mass power. With 6,000ha currently planted and a further 49,000ha available for planting, Ibris Forestry is currently exploring long-term partnerships with bio-mass power producers.